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How to Reach Us for Support and Help

We're generally a click or a call away

Webinars On FireGetting Help

From Our Website - Simply click on the Green button to the right of the screen that says, "We're Open To CHAT." Gary Jesch usually monitors this live CHAT during office hours, and you can easily send an email message from here also.

From Your Console - You'll find a green button along the top edge of your screen that says, "HELP." By clicking on it, you will get the attention of our tech support people and they will be ready to assist you with any issues during the set-up and operation of your calls and webinars. It's that simple.

For Telephone Instructions and Support Tickets - Use this link to open our Customer Instructions Page, which provides more support.

By Telephone During Business Hours - Call Gary at 888-766-6677 or 775-831-7451 (Mon. - Fri., 8 - 6 Pacific).


Trouble-shoot your connection in advance

How to test your connection - Occasionally, our audiences have trouble seeing the slides and hearing the program over the web. Most of the time it's because their corporate firewall is intercepting the connection and preventing it, for security reasons. You can use this link to test your connection to our live webinar server. On this page, you can test your connection and send us feedback, so we can help you on our end.

Learning how to use the webinar and call console -

Gary JeschIf you'd like some personal hands-on training, notify Gary by using the "We're Open to CHAT" button on the right side of your screen. He'll set up an appointment for a training session that uses desktop sharing, so he can easily demonstrate any part of the Webinars On Fire system and how to make it work properly. From filling out the event set-up to managing calls and configuring your replays, his trainings are easy to follow and designed just for people who may be a bit uncomfortable with technology.

If you'd like help testing your system or event prior to your first call or webinar, Gary will be happy to help with that, also. At any time during your 30-day trial or afterwards, you can count on Gary as your production partner, there to help your online meetings and calls go smoothly each and every time.

If your online meeting or webinar is going to take more communications power, due to the size of the audience, a desktop sharing requirement, video production, Powerpoint graphics, virtual reality or any other online meeting needs, please contact Gary at 888-766-6677 for immediate help and consultation. In addition to Webinars On Fire, Gary is the webcast engineer and owner of CHOPS Webcasting, a state-of-the-art webcasting company providing solutions and managed services for all types of web meeting projects. You are welcome to visit us at CHOPSWebcasting today, to learn more.

We also provide a FAQ page where you can find answers to common questions about webinars and about using Webinars On Fire. With one click, you can be reading our FAQ section to get more information.