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Webinars On Fire

You Give Up Things When You Use

Things Like Glitches, Dumb Mistakes, and Low Attendance

Anyone can produce great webinars with ease, with WebinarsOnFire - a hot, new webinar/teleseminar platform that delivers great technology from support professionals you can reach by phone.

Webinars are the hardest-working form of online content that marketers can use. Let's see why ...

Dear Webinar and Teleseminar Hosts -

You've waited long enough for someone to come up with the quality and ease-of-use you need. Get ready to:

Deliver powerful marketing content that attracts qualified leads for future sales and builds a trustworthy reputation for your company.

Improve your connections with existing clients and attract new prospects with highly focused, relevant content.

Bring an end to the glitches, flubs and technical goofs, and let them instead haunt your competitors' low-budget webinars.

Capitalize on the web by putting powerful presentations together on your own web pages, under your brand, with links right back to your site, for live events as well as recorded replays, and without any video editing.

Enhance your marketing the easy way - with webinars and teleseminars. You can use WebinarsOnFire technology right away, to meet with dozens or hundreds during a single call or online presentation, and make it interactive and interesting, every step of the way. Your guests and prospects can call in using phone numbers that are local to them, working from our list of more than 70 major cities and countries around the world.

How important are good connections?

It's so important to make sure you can be heard and your content can be seen ... who can you trust with such an important mission?

Other webinar companies are going to offer free services and ad-supported platforms ... who wants more ads or bad calls?

It's my personal mission to rid the world of glitchy calls and technical flubs on webinars ... if I have to, “one event at a time.”

I've referred many of my clients and friends to WebinarsOnFire, because Gary does what he says he will do. He sits down with you, using his desktop sharing, and patiently works through the things you want to know, one at a time. Whether we're doing teleseminars or more recently, webinars, we love having him there to call at a moment's notice. You just don't see service like that anymore.

Susan Levin

Many Customizable Options for Your Event Page to Engage Your Audience

Your event uses the same web address for all three phases - Before, During and After (Replay) and you can customize each version to meet your specific needs. We also provide a choice of dozens of colorful backgrounds to add to the attractiveness of your presentation.
Event page

Connect with guests by phone and by web with the web-based control panel

  1. Know who’s on the call and control the volume and mute easily. step 1
  2. Dial out to missing hosts and guests if you need to (2.9 cents a minute for out-bound calls). step 2
  3. Upload and preview your high-quality slide presentation in advance. step 3
  4. Make Your Online Events Interactive in Several Easy Ways

    1. Your guests who call in can signal you if they have questions, just one of the many benefits of having a live console in front of you. The system also logs all these callers for follow-up after the event.step 1
    2. Your web attendees can type in questions using the Q&A Box on the event screen, which you can easily monitor during your presentation.step 2
    3. From the Web Control Panel, you can tell who's speaking, mute them, put them on hold or even drop them if you want.step 3

Enjoy an extra measure of security with password-protected events

You can set up a private conference password and change it whenever you want, for both telephone conferences and your webcast pages. This restricts who can and cannot access your content.step 1

Make international connections for free with Skype

Webinars On Fire has a Skype Auto-Connect feature that allows you to join via your computer and headset, and still be on the phone as a host or guest. Just use our Skype ID - "JOINCONFERENCE" and you'll be connected immediately to the conference phone line. Simply enter the host or guest ID code and you are on the call, at a higher level of quality than regular Skype customers, using the G.711 codec.
Skype 1

Your webinar replays are instantly available when your event is over - ready to go!

With WebPresenter, your webinar's replay page is ready just as soon as your online event is over, without any uploading or anything. When you set your event for replay and record it, our system creates an archive that matches the original, slide for slide and word for word. You can leave it on our servers as long as you want(as long as you maintain your account).

Skype 1

Here’s What $1 Trial Members Get:

YOU GET EVERYTHING! Try it out for a full 30 days for only $1!

If you like it, it renews starting at $47 a month, that’s a mere $1.56 a day! If not, let us know before the end of the 30 days.

Unlimited Use! Use WebinarsOnFire as often as you want, whenever you want. The only limit is the capacity you requested.

We offer a 100 or 250-person capacity teleconference bridgeline that you can use as your own, as often as you want.

Your webcasts can host thousands for a single event, with web audio or telephone audio and full controls of your slide presentations, with multiple host/presenters, audio playback and a powerful recording system that makes replays ready instantly.

We provide dozens of customizable web page templates - or you can embed our player into your own pages in minutes.

Act now and sign up for your free 30-day trial of WebinarsOnFire - it's your turn to shine!