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Webinars On Fire

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Webinars On Fire?

Webinars On Fire is an online communications platform that allows people to host webinars and conduct conference calls with up to 250 callers at one time. Hosts can control all aspects of their online events from a browser-based console, including seeing who is on the call, dialing out, recording, presenting slides and playing back audio files.

What is the Webinars On Fire webinar technology?

We provide “WebPresenter,” an interactive tool for creating live web content for online meetings and webinars. With “WebPresenter,” hosts set-up browser-based presentations that can be attended via computer and/or phone, so that their audiences can interact in several ways and see the slide presentations. Those who attend via computer can listen in and send questions and comments, as well as chat in real time, and follow links created by the hosts. Those who attend via phone can “raise their hand” to signal the host that they have questions or comments.

What about capacity? How many callers?

We offer all our services at Webinars On Fire at two levels, based on your requirements for the capacity of your online events. You can have an account that accommodates up to 100 callers on your phone line or 250 callers.  The level of callers is important for teleseminars and conference calls, and does not include the number of people who can attend via their computers and web browsers, which is a much greater number.

Does Webinars On Fire keep track of callers and web attendees and provide reports of who attended?

Our service keeps track of callers on the phone and generates a log that has detailed information collected about the Caller ID data, length of time on the call and hang-up reason. If there is no Caller ID phone number available, that field would be blank. We do not run a sign-in process, so there is no data available on who attends the web-based version of the webinars. However, hosts can ask their guests to sign-in and provide their email addresses during a live event.

Does Webinars On Fire have an event-registration component that generates a list of those who sign up for an event?

We do not currently provide a built-in event registration system with a landing page and form for online events and phone calls. Our customers create their own using their own websites and landing pages, or use a third-party service like or By going through these third-party registration systems, attendees can take advantage of powerful community-building and event sharing via social media interactions. For more information, please request a demonstration of how to use these systems.

How do you get the links from Webinars On Fire for an event, so you can set-up an event in a third-party event registration system?

When you create an event in Webinars On Fire and publish it, it generates a specific link to the web page on our server where your webinar takes place. There are three phases to any webinar event page – the “Pre-event Page,” the “During-the-event Page and the “Post-event Page” (also known as the Replay). The same link will apply to your page in any of its stages, but the content will be different at each stage. You can edit the content for each stage and you are not required to have a Replay Page unless you want it.

Is there a way to keep people from opening any of our webinar event pages?

Our system allows you to set a password that must be entered in order to gain access to a page or a replay. You can easily put the password behind a form-fill page on your website or you can distribute it in your email confirmations after registration. You can also change the event password as needed from your webinar console area.

What might interfere with my webinar guests viewing my slides?

Some corporate firewalls block the slide portion of presentations created with our platform. Apple smartphones, iPads and most all phones and tablets will work using your built-in browers. If you have some concerns, check with us and we recommend some practice runs to help determine just how much this might effect your projects. You can easily add a link to your page that allows your audience to download the PDF version of your presentation, if you wish.

Can the Webinars On Fire console make an outbound call to bring someone into a meeting? How much does that cost?

Yes, you can easily create an address book in your console and connect to your guests from your end. This works for guests and hosts in the USA only (not international) and costs 2.9 cents per minute per call, which will be billed to your credit card at the end of the month.

Can I temporarily discontinue my Webinars On Fire service and start it back up again later?

Yes, you can suspend your subscription at any time by simply sending us an email or a support ticket. If and when you are ready to start again, you can let us know and we'll reinstate you that same day. Please note that any replays you are running on our system and any recordings will be terminated when we suspend your account.

Is there a way to make my webinars "evergreen," that is - playing continuously in replay mode?

Yes, that is how the replays work. You can decide how long to keep the replays going, and you can change the links you are using on the event page, the password and other elements of the content. You will always use the exact same URL and serial number as the original event. If you need to change the URL and serial number, you can save the audio and re-record the event by running the slides again in real time in a new event. It's also very easy to record your webinar with Camtasia and turn it into a video on your own computer.

My webinars need to have desktop sharing, video, webcams and many more people than the 250-person capacity you offer. What should I do?

Sometimes we have to do those types of webinars ourselves, so we can still help you, with our sister company - CHOPS Webcasting. CHOPS Webcasting offers many other managed services that are used by webinar and online meeting hosts every day, including presentation graphics, moderator and operator assistance, marketing expertise and the other features you mentioned. You can get this help by simply contacting Gary from right here, by phone or one of the several other ways he can be reached.

The list of services and platforms provided by Gary at CHOPS Webcasting is extensive and all the work comes with Gary's enthusiasm and passion for successful online meetings and web events. Gary has produced many kinds of live webcasting events - internationally and here in the states - and works with some of the most powerful webcast systems currently available.

What about audience recruitment and marketing webinars that can bring in revenue?

Consultation and webinar coaching assistance are other services provided by Gary under the company CHOPS Webcasting. Feel free to pick his brain and gain from his expertise in communication, broadcasting, marketing and audio/visual production and join his network of professionals around the nation.