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Webinars On Fire

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Gary Jesch Webinar Engineer

Your Virtual Assistant in the Webinar Business

When you need expert assistance or just a second set of eyes, for guidance -

  • Experienced moderator who can provide operations assistance
  • Presentation professional with slideshow design and production skills
  • State-of-the-art marketing consultant for small and medium businesses
  • Social media advisor with hands-on experience
  • Broadcast journalist fluent in copywriting, video, audio, 3D animation
  • HTML/webpage coder experienced with Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress
  • Hundreds of connections around the world with A/V and event pros
  • 17 years experience in live corporate special events and tradeshows

How did Webinars On Fire come about?

It's an evolution from Gary's desire to help people get more sales -
  • His ongoing business (Live Animation) helps attract attention for large corporations and clients at tradeshows and special live special events
  • He realizes that webinars are a vital part of the content marketing mix, which is necessary as marketing and sales evolves new methods of connecting with customers
  • The Webinars On Fire bridgeline, conference call and webinar platform was first introduced by Gary in 2009 under the name "Console Call." It's recently changed names to better focus on the needs of people who want to host their own webinars.
  • Gary is passionate about working with customers via desktop sharing technology from his office, to expedite solving problems and saving time

Call Gary or reach out anytime, for more information about how we can help you succeed.