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Company owner Gary Jesch is ready to help you get started now. Gary Jesch
If you are getting into webinars or teleseminars for the first time, why go it alone? If you've done a few - and had trouble, you might benefit from a second set of eyes on your next project. Gary can help you identify exactly what's needed.

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“Gary helped us make webinars a key element of our business at iSpeak. Now we can't imagine living without them!”
Kevin Karshnik

“I figured out how to use the 'Webinars On Fire' console pretty quickly. Gary showed me around via desktop sharing, in person, and with that, I was able to handle it on my own, pretty easily. Thanks, Gary."
John Owens Outdoor Amusement Business Assoc.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Feel free to use our complete service for 30 days at no charge - bridgeline, webinars and all. We've removed any risk and you have no obligation to continue. Gary will train you himself and be around to answer questions as needed afterwards, ensuring that your next webinar or teleseminar is a technical success.

If for any reason whatsoever, you want to cancel, you can do so at any time, promptly and at no penalty. We'll also be happy to serve your short-term needs.